​​​Sessions available

You are welcome to visit our facilities prior to booking any appointment with no obligation but please give prior notice to your arrival.

Important: Every dog must have a completed vet referral form before any hydrotherapy treatment can take place. You can download the form here or on the 'homepage' and send to your vets for their completion and return to: info@pawsomepaddles.com.

Initial Rehabilitation Consultation ​(allow up to 1 hour) - £50.00

An extended session to introduce both the client and the patient to the hydrotherapy environment. There will be an initial assessment of the patient to put in place a tailored hydrotherapy plan and to set objectives. It also gives time for the patient to build trust in the hydrotherapist and to answer any questions the client may have.

Rehabilitation (45 minutes) - £40.00

Hydrotherapy for the treatment of a health condition. These sessions follow on from the Initial Rehabilitation and Consultation session detailed above and will be tailored for each patient depending on condition treated and ability.

Show Ring Ready (30 minutes) - £30.00

A session designed to maximise your dogs condition and performance for the show ring. Specifically working on balanced stands, flowing gait and developing even muscle tone to show off your dogs full potential.

Competing & Working  (30 minutes) - £30.00

Stave off injury and enhance agility by strengthening muscles and joints through a non-impact, cardiovascular workout. Give your athlete the competitive edge whilst taking care of their health.

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"Gunners first hydro session after spinal surgery. He was surprisingly comfortable. Thank you for looking after him"
Gunner, Age 7, Miniature Dachshund